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Port Tunnel Wizard - How it Works


This article explains in detail how to port tunnel with Port Tunnel Wizard.

Step 1. Add Port Mapping

Step 2. Start Service

Step 1. Add Port Mapping

The first step of using Port Tunnel Wizard is add a port mapping.

how to port forward


click Add button to add a port mapping.

how to port forward


Maximum Sessions means the max connections of Port Tunnel Wizard will handle. The option of "Run as a http proxy" means that this port mapping will run as a http proxy. You can add the ip of your computer that installed Port Tunnel Wizard and the listen port of this port mapping into others computer's IE http setting. Then you will get a http proxy, others of your computers can share the same internet connection with the computer that you installed Port Tunnel Wizard.

If you click Advanced button,you will see below dialog:

how to port forward


If you select the checkbox "Enable Log for Protocol Debug", Port Tunnel Wizard will log protocol data that go through it into a log file. This is a greate helper to debug or learn network protocol. Utility tool is a tool that can let you resolve a web site domain to an ip address. "Enable IP Strategy" is a option that check or don't check ip address that accessing Port Tunnel Wizard. If you select this checkbox, you can add allow ip address ranges and block ip address ranges to define what ip address can access Port Tunnel Wizard.


Step 2. Start Service

Select a port mapping and click start button to start the services, then you can use the port mapper.


Status is "running" means this port mapper have already started and Sessions means the count of connections that the port mapper have already tunnelled.

Above steps are basic steps that how to use Port Tunnel Wizard.

This is a menu of Port Tunnel Wizard:


If you click "Option" menu,you will see the dialog:

how to port forward


If you choose option of "Automatically startup when computer power on", Port Tunnel Wizard will auto run when you log on your computer.

If you choose option of "Use http proxy setting of IE to surfe internet", then Port Tunnel Wizard will access upstream http proxy to surfe internet. If you don't choose this option,Port Tunnel Wizard will access internet directly.

At the same time, you can monitor which ip have connected with Port Tunnel Wizard by click menu of "Port Tunnel Wizard Monitor".

You can view and search often used ports by a lot of applications by click menu of "View Often Used Ports".

You can enable or disable the option of "Auto Startup when computer power on" by click menu of "Option".

You can click "View IP" menu to see your computer's local ip address.

A greate function is that Port Tunnel Wizard will flash try icon to let you know that network data are travelling through it.

how to port forward


All those functions together, Por Tunnel Wizard is a very powerful port tunnel software and those steps are the steps that how to port tunnel with Port Tunnel Wizard.




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